• Steve Cummins

    Steve Cummins - Chairman

    Chairman and founder of Transworld as well as the Group's legal counsel, Steve has an international commercial and legal background, being admitted as a lawyer in the UK and Australia. He was a director of Kentucky Fried Chicken in Great Britain and Ireland, counsel to R J Reynolds-Nabisco and Pepsi Cola and strategic consultant to Thorn-EMI. He is also a past Member of Templeton College, Oxford Strategic Leadership Faculty and has lectured internationally on brand, IP development and business growth strategies.

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  • Jamille Cummins

    Jamille Cummins - Director

    Jamille is a former finalist in the Australian Young Business Person of the Year Award, and as the CEO of the Transworld Group, he brings a variety of skillsets, knowledge and experience to lead the group in realising its vision and meeting its core objectives.

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  • Vic McCluskey

    Vic McCluskey - Director

    Vic spent 15 years in senior executive positions with some of the South East Asia's leading enterprises. This included a seven year stint as the Chief Financial Officer of Ranhill, a premier Malaysian listed company with interests as owners, developers, engineers and constructors of assets in the oil and gas, utilities and infrastructure sectors.

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  • Rick Halkett

    Rick Halkett

    Rick has an extraordinary and diverse background. He began his career as a RAAF fighter aircraft Technician, he then went on to gain extensive experience in the construction industry and from there went on to become a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Insurance and Australian Institute of Management.

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  • Daniel Lowrie

    Daniel Lowrie

    As a highly successful entrepreneur, technical advisor and project manager, Daniel is superbly equipped to undertake the role of Global Projects Director. Based in Colorado, USA and having lived and worked internationally, Daniel delivers a unique blend of commercial, technical and management experience to his position and stewardship of Transworld various projects and associated investment portfolio.

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USA Helium Executive

  • Mike Poirer

    Mike Poirier - Vice President, Exploration

    Vice President and executive manager having worked in leadership roles in private and public energy & resource companies in the Western US. Proven track record of value realization.

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  • Conrad Woodland

    Conrad Woodland - Chief Operating Officer

    Executive and Senior scientist with 25 years experience in resource exploration and development. Geophysics expert in the Western United States.

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  • Leah Thomson

    Leah Thomson - VP Land

    Federal and state land expert with 15 yrs of contract negotiation between private and public entities. Managed multiple energy & resource asset acquisitions. Strong relationships with State & Federal regulatory bodies.

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