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Jamille Cummins

Jamille Cummins

Jamille is a former finalist in the Australian Young Business Person of the Year Award, and as the CEO of the Transworld Group, he brings a variety of skillsets, knowledge and experience to lead the group in realising its vision and meeting its core objectives.

Prior to the Transworld Group, Jamille spent 10 years in sales & marketing and management in the Australian & UK retail sectors leading the business development of new and existing brands. As one of the founding members, Jamille was initially the director of business & project development of the group’s telecommunications service, whereby he led the commercialisation of the group’s retail VoIP and wholesale services.

Since then he has been involved in each of the group’s projects. This has allowed him to continue to develop his skillsets and knowledge across various industry sectors, and thereby enabling him to engage at a senior executive level in delivering;

  • corporate business administration & management,
  • international trade & commerce,
  • logistics, business systems development & integration,
  • product research & development,
  • corporate project & management,
  • global industries market research & analysis,
  • sales & marketing operations,
  • capital raising,
  • investor relations

In addition to being the CEO of the Transworld Group, Jamille also represents the board of directors of the other Transworld related entities including Transworld Resources, and whereby he brings his knowledge and experience to support the other directors and senior executives to lead the company and fulfil its objectives as defined by its business plan.

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The Most Dangerous Job In The World?

Many professions carry risk, but none quite so much as that of the commercial abalone diver. For these intrepid individuals the work can be cold, wet and fraught with dangers, including strong currents and sharks.

Australia is the only country recommended by WWF Hong Kong as a sustainable source of wild-caught abalone. Australia's tiny state of Tasmania is the country's biggest source - bringing in almost 2,000 tonnes a year - or about a quarter of the world's wild abalone. Diving for wild abalone is year-round, but demand starts to increase around this time as processors and suppliers start to prepare for Lunar New Year.

That's why Fishing Investment and Management (FIM) – a Transworld Resources Limited (TRL) company and new member of the Transworld Group – is gearing up for business. As Australia's leading broker and advisor to the seafood industry, FIM handles the majority of abalone quota sales and valuations in Tasmania and Victoria. As well as brokering $multimillion deals, it is also involved in many aspects of the international fishing industry.

FIM was established in 1991 and after being acquired by TRL in 2013, it has consolidated its position as Australia's one-stop shop for all fisheries sales, valuations and asset management. More importantly, with the full weight of the Transworld Group and its international experience behind it, FIM can fulfil ambitious plans to expand the business into brokering highend seafood products into international markets.

Check out our recent visit to Tasmania and interviews with FIM's founders and leading figures in Tasmanian fisheries.